World Recycle Week

IMG_5200[1]Who’s joining me with collecting clothes for World Recycle Week? This year, in the middle of the month of sustainability, H&M is launching the very first World Recycle Week (18-24 April). In this week, H&M wants to collect 1000 ton of clothing, worldwide. H&M has been recycling clothes for years now in its ‘collecting boxes’, but with organizing this week, the company hopes that more people will find their way to the collecting boxes. And guess what: you get extra discount if you collect old clothing during the World Recycling Week!

So why does H&M want to collect clothing? H&M is trying to manufacture clothing with the ‘closing the loop’-principle. The idea is simple: H&M wants to use old clothes to make new clothes so that fashion doesn’t go to waste. And this is the cool part: the company where I work, Brand Senses, was asked to help H&M with the Belgian campaign! I’m so happy to be a part of this beautiful initiative. It was hard work, but I am super happy of the result! You can visit our work in the shop in Antwerp (Meir), Brussels (Nieuwstraat) and Luik (Rue Joffre) till 20th of April!

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