To Primark or not to Primark?

OAT-Cleanplate-1440x450I started with this whole project because Primark was coming to Gent. The reactions were very diverse and made me think of my own shopping behaviour. It also seemed a nice experiment to see if it was possible for me to change my shopping habits dramatically. The thing is, many people say that it’s not correct to blame Primark. You should blame all the big brands. But is that entirely true? I don’t think so… There are loads of brand that are truly making an effort like H&M and Ikea. Ofcourse it’s not perfect yet, but do you really want to be the negative person who always looks at the things that haven’t been realized yet?

I prefer to look at the things that those brands have already accomplished. That’s also the reason why you will never hear me say that it is impossible to buy clothing in a responsible way. You don’t have to have loads of money to do that, you just have to think before you buy. I will not stop buying at the shops I used to shop in, I will just buy less.

But if you do want to do it the complete right way: this is a list of responsible brands, that I really like:

  1. Toms
  2. Ilke Cop
  3. LN Knits
  4. MUD Jeans
  5. RAW for the oceans (by G-Star)
  6. Cîme skincare
  7. Armed Angels
  8. People Tree

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