The perfect jeans

How hard can it be to find a new jeans that is sustainable, affordable and looks nice? Well very hard apparently. I decided that one of my 10 items had to be a jeans because I don’t have a lot of jeans. But I wanted to buy a good one, one from a sustainable brand. I went to a Fair Fashion Lab (organized by Ghent Fair Trade) about jeans to find out more about which brand is the perfect one. Before I went to the lab, I already did some research on While I was looking for the perfect jeans, I started to realize that it is pretty hard to find a completely sustainble jeans.

I learned a lot about jeans at the Lab. It puts a lot of pressure on our environment but also to ourselves. And that is sometging I didn’t realize: do you know how much chemicals are used for our jeans? And we just put those chemicals on our skin? When you start to think about it, it’s actually pretty crazy.

Still, I really like wearing jeans. So here are the brands that are ‘okay’ (they got a B, which is pretty good!) according to Rankabrand:

MUD Jeans

Kings of Indigo


Nudie Jeans

I bought a Cheap Monday jeans (C-rated) and I’m pretty happy about it! Next year I’ll go for a Nudie or MUD Jeans, love those brands too! Which jeans brand is your favorite?

Hat: Clouds of Fashion

Jacket: Vila

Jeans: Cheap Monday

Shirt: Charline’s Closet

Bag: Essentiel


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