The perfect day look

Last weekend, I went to MUD Ghent for the first time. MUD is an American makeup brand, made for and by professional makeup artists. The products are almost completely vegan and made in America. I’ve just been using the products for a week now but I’m already hooked: the colors of the products are so rich and for the first time, I feel like my makeup stays on my face for the whole day!

And that is because I learned how to use the products, in a private makeup workshop. The MUD store in Gent offers workshops privately or with your friends (up to 12 persons!). I definitely recommend every girl who likes makeup but doesn’t really know what she’s doing (yes I’m talking about myself), to go there.

This is what I learned:

-Hello primer! The most important thing after you’ve applied your daycream.
-Tired look because of the ‘bue color’ beneath my eyes? Not anymore!
-The perfect eyeliner! Finally I was able to do a nice line and not look like a dragqueen.
-So many colors, but which one to choose? Apparently, even green suits me for my eyes!
-The difference between a shiny and matte lipstick.
-How to accentuate my cheekbones, in a subtle way.

What do you think about my before and after pictures? 🙂

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