The perfect closet

Okay, I’m struggling. For real. As hard as I try not to pass by the shops, not to read magazines: I still get confronted with the coolest stuff that I can’t buy. This all makes me realize that I really did have a shopping addiction: I needed new stuff to feel good but most of all to feel pretty. Oh yes, it really seems that I am a true victim of my time! I’m having a hard time choosing outfits because (in my head) I bought a lot of things that are hard to combine, that I’m not able to wear to my job, that are already ‘out of fashion’… This whole thing makes me think about what a girl really needs in her closet. There are loads of bloggers talking about the ’38-item closet’ (more thoughts on that later) and I think this is a good way of thinking. You don’t need heaps of clothes, you just need some timeless, ever combinable stuff. So that’s why I already made my list of the things I’m going to buy this year. It will keep me from going shopping, I will have to go straight to my target 😉 So here is my list of the 10 items I will invest in this year, and the items I think every girl should have in her closet:

  1. A black blazer
  2. White sneakers
  3. Nude pumps
  4. The perfect jeans
  5. A timeless bag
  6. A white shirt (of good quality)
  7. A trench coat
  8. A black dress
  9. Black pumps
  10. A leather jacket

So for now, I’m adjusting to not buying things. Last weekend it was my birthday and I got loads of cool gifts. The best one was the gift of my sister: a silver Monki-bag. It’s been two months since I bought something so it’s extra cool to get something new. So it does make me think about shopping less and being happier with the things you get. But I still need to get used to that idea.

Btw, what do you think of my new glasses? 🙂

Coat: Missguided

Shoes and glitter socks: H&M

Bag: Monki

Skirt: Fish & Chips Antwerp

Shirt: Urban Outfitters

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