The flower island

The last couple of weeks have been amazing: I’ve been on two very sunny trips to two beautiful islands. Let me tell you about the first one: Madeira. May not sound as sexy as for example Ibiza (my second destination, oh yes) but definitely worth the trip. First reason: it’s called ‘flower island’. The island has the most prettiest wild and tropical flowers, the weirdest cacti and the coolest plants. Oh yes I was in love! Second reason: the coast line. I love going to the beach but there’s someting about places with rocky coastlines: it’s just so wild and natural! And third reason: the people. Portuguese people are SO friendly!

We also went to Lisbon on our way back to Belgium and that was also very worth the trip. The streets and houses, the authentic trams, the food, the views, the people: I’m definitely going there again! Stay tuned for my next travel pictures 😉


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