The end of my challenge

Can I get a round of applause please? 🙂 More than a year ago I decided that I was only going to buy 10 items of clothing in 2016. Exactly a year ago I was starting to realize what I was getting myself into and I started to think that I wasn’t going to make it. A lot of people didn’t believe it. But now one year later I totally made it! Throughout this year I wanted to blog about my experiences but that wasn’t always that easy: I started my own company Margriet with my friend Merel and put a lot of time in that. But I did try to share some tips and tricks with you. I wanted to inspire you and maybe try to make you start your own challenge.

A lot of people ask me what I am going to do next year. No, I’m not going to start another challenge, I want to see how I’m going to be without a challenge. That’s why I made a list with my ultimate tips, tips that will need to help me and you with pursuing the habbit of buying less clothing!

Do I really need this item? I can’t say this enough: we are constantly tempted with the most prettiest things but we really don’t need all that stuff. We think we do (I always found a reason to be buying things) but we really don’t. Ask yourself the same question every new season: what do I really need this season? And try to stick with your answer!

Only buy things that go with your ‘style’  I talked about this a lot in my blogposts: it is really important that you try to determine your own style. I was the kind of person who always bought everyting that looked pretty. That resulted in having a closet with lots of pretty clothes that don’t match. This year I bought clothing that really go with the style I want to have and items that are super easy to combine.

Clean your closet. This really goes together with the second tip. If you want to start fresh, you need to get rid of all the clothing you don’t wear. And hey, don’t just throw them away! I’m pretty sure that you can make some friends happy with the things you don’t wear anymore. And if you don’t have any other options, just bring you clothes to a recycling box (H&M gives you 15% discount for that effort!)

Delete the apps and ignore the magazines. Although I really adore reading magazines, they are way to tempting for me. Same goes for fashion and shop apps: I had all the good apps from Asos, Zalando, H&M… on my phone but because of that, it was so easy to shop where and when I wanted. No more apps for me in 2017!

Enjoy the items you buy. And you will! If you buy less items, you will be way happier with the things you do buy. Also, you save so much money with not buying heaps of clothing and because of that you can invest in quality items. That’s a big win if you tell me!

I wish everyone one hell of a new year! And good luck with those who are planning to start their own challenge 😉 you can do it!

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