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I think you might have noticed that this blog is turning into a blog with an eco twist. Because of my 10-item challenge, I’m starting to think more ‘sustainable’ in a lot of ways. Ofcourse I’m still mainly focused on clothes and fashion. I still haven’t bought anything. And I’m okay with it. But, I’m not okay with the stupid feeling I have every day: I don’t have anything to wear. While thinking that, I’m looking to a full closet. And every time, I end up wearing the same things, in a different combination. Half of the stuff I own, I don’t wear. How absolutely crazy is that? It made me think of this idea I saw on several blogs: the 38-item closet. It simply comes to this idea: you always wear your favorite items but in different combinations. And also invest in better quality of clothing and timeless pieces. There are different ways to implement the 38-item closet, but this one I like the most: you chose how much items you are going to wear each season.

Now let’s say, I’m gonna select 38- items every season. You select the items you’re going to wear in for example, spring and see which items you don’t have yet. Like, sneakers, a good pair of jeans, a nice spring coat… You only have one moment to buy those things, and after that moment you’re not going shopping anymore for three months.

It’s the perfect way of thinking. Do you really wear more than (approximately) 38 items each season? I don’t think so. It takes a lot of effort in the beginning, but once you have your 38-item closet, you can spend your money on way more important things than clothing!

Soooo, what are your thought on the idea? Who’s joining me in the ‘capsule wardrobe movement’? 🙂

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