Summer wear by Pia Rossini

When I was 18, I travelled to Costa Rica on my own. On the plane to San José, I met Kirsty, a bubbly girl from Ireland. We instantly clicked and she became my buddy there. Back home, I went to visit her in Ireland. I met her parents, who founded a company some years before. Her dad told about the start of the company: about how their living room was their company and about how they growed. Now, years later, Pia Rossini is a well known brand with the coolest accessories for Winter and Summer. I got some goodies delivered before I went to Madeira: a kimono, a beach bag and beach sandals. My biggest summer crush is definitely the kimono!

I just love to wear clothes from brands with inspiring people behind it. People who work hard and make their company a success. I’m a big fan and can’t wait to see the Winter collection! What do you think about this brand?



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