Phyt air plants

Because of my job, I am constantly looking for new ecobrands, trends in green living, green fashion biofood… This summer I came across the website of Phyt Plants. The website belongs to young entrepeneur Sofie who discovered the plants when she was on a roadtrip in California. The plants are very unique: they only need water and daylight to survive. Just what I need! I work in a green company but still I don’t succeed to keep my plants alive. These plants are perfect for me! I ordered the ‘Rubra‘ plant and the Himmeli Facet to hold the plant. The Himmeli Facet is a DIY hanger, you have to put it together yourself. But no worries, after reading the manual, you will have (almost) no problems putting it together.

I just love discovering new things and brand, especially if they come from young, Belgian entrepeneurs. It’s nice to see that people still have the guts to start their own company and make it a very successful one. Go visit the website, it’s the perfect website to find an original Christmas gift (or just a gift for yourself;) ).

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