Paris, je t’aime!

My friend wanted to celebrate her birthday in a special way. “Maybe we should go to Amsterdam, I’ve never been”, she said. After looking for a nice Airbnb or hotel there without any luck, we decided to go to Paris. When the weekend approached, it looked like a very bad idea to even think about leaving your house: rain, rain, rain during the entire weekend. But still, with a big smile on our face, we decided to go and enjoy the city anyway. And that wasn’t a bad idea: even with liters of water pooring out of the sky, we celebrated her birthday in style. I have probably been to Paris about ten times and every time, I discover something new. This time, I took the ‘100% Parijs’-guide with me and I discovered loads of new things. I love to visit places where you can learn a lot about the history of a city. So, we went to the oldest prison in Paris, where Marie Antoinette was locked up: la Conciergerie. I don’t know why but I’ve always loved to visit old prisons.

After that we went to Quartier Latin, to wander around the tiny and cosy streets full of kitschy French restaurants. Man, did I enjoy my escargots! On Sunday we visited the Mosquée de Paris which is a hidden treasure really. The coolest discovery I made, was FLEUX, a very trendy concept store stuffed with the best design you can find. All the cool brands you are following on Instagram, you can find there.

There’s something about Paris… And knowing that it’s so close, made me decide to go way more often (maybe when the sun decides to come out;) )

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