My Ibiza diary

Last year was my first year I went to Ibiza and as you could read here, I fell in love with the island. I was so happy when my friend Laura asked me to join her on a trip to Ibiza again. This time we wanted to discover the culinary side of the island and man, we discovered some pretty awesome restaurants! That’s the thing I love about Ibiza: the food is amazing and fresh, the restaurants are all so pretty and nice, the atmosphere is so relaxed and the nature is just gorgeous. Thanks to our wonderful trip planner, Margot, we discovered these amazing restaurants: Experimental Beach with the best Sangria Royal, La Paloma with the cosiest garden to dine in and Sunset Ashram to see the prettiest sunset (well that’s what they claim, we didn’t see one haha).

Also, this is my second summer trip without any shopping. Normally I save all my money to buy clothes when I’m on a holiday and now I didn’t. It’s crazy how I’ve changed because of my 10 item challenge! More about that in one of my next posts!


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