My 10 item challenge: update!

Wauw. It’s already October and I only bought 7 items: one pair of jeans, one trench coat, one pair of heels, one bag, one dress, one pair of sneakers and one jacket. Can you believe that? Can you believe that one year ago, I already bought 50 items? I just cannot believe it! And the cool thing is: it’s not even that hard. Sure, it hurts a bit when I discover a new brand or a new webstore or when I see a nice shop display. But still, the satisfaction I get out of not shopping is surprisingly big. This changed my life for sure. And I have to admit, I’m super proud of myself. My view on fashion changed a lot and I am super grateful for that. My next mission? Try to make other people change their view on fashion and maybe even try to take the challenge too? It’s really worth trying 😉

Okay can we now discuss my new bag? What a beauty right? I bought it in this super nice store I discovered in Gent: Pure Axessories. A must visit for the accessory lover! I bought the last Marie Martens bag she had (thank god!) and I am sooo happy with it! Especially because the designer designs all the bags herself, in her worksop in Paris (talking about sustainable fashion, right;) ).

Bag: Marie Martens

Dungarees: Fish & Chips Antwerp

Scarve: H&M

Shoes: Nike

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