Make your closet more sustainable!

Sooo I just bought my 9th item! Only one item left… I just bought this cool golden Samsoe & Samsoe jacket, what do you think?

I’m so gonna make it till the end of the year and I’m very proud of that. Throughout this whole year, I tried to find a way to deal with buying way less than I’m used to. Because of that, I came up with some valuable ideas and tips to have a more sustainable closet. To be honest, I’m going to need the tips myself, because starting from January I don’t have a new challenge. I’m not going to buy heaps of clothing (pinky promise!) but still, it’s going to be weird! That’s why I came up with the following tips, for myself and ofcourse for you!

  1. Try to determine your style! I know this is a very vague tip but it’s the basis of everything. When you look through my Pinterest, you’re going to find 100 styles mixed up. I just like all things pretty and that’s why I like a lot of different styles. But because of that, I have a lot of pretty clothing that I can’t combine because the styles are so different. That is why it is very important to determine one style (okay, maybe two;)) and stick with that style. You’ll need less clothes to be able to combine the coolest outfits!
  2. Get rid of everything you don’t wear. This might sound weird but it isn’t. It makes sense: only keep the clothing that matches your ‘new’ style and get rid of all the uncombinable clothes (that you don’t wear anyway). But very important: don’t just throw your clothes away: give them to friends, organize a clothing swap or donate them to H&M or second hand stores.
  3. Swap with your besties or your sister. Do you really need to buy new clothes? No definitely not! Last week, my sister was at my place and saw boots I had for a long time. She asked me if she could have them for a while, and I could have her boots I liked. What a great idea, right? You have a ‘new’ item to pimp up your outfits but you didn’t need to buy anything! You’d be surprised how many items you can put up for a ‘swap’.
  4. Buy clothing of good quality. And this goes together with ‘don’t buy loads of cllothing of bad quality’. If you have some very necessary basic items of good quality, you don’t need to buy loads of bad quality items because you can combine those items with everything and you can keep them way longer!
  5. Think about the cost per wear. It’s all about really thinking about the item you want to buy: when can I wear it? How many times can I wear it? I always think about my ‘cost per wear’: if I’m buying a bag that costs 200 euros but I’m going to wear it everyday, it’s gis cheaper than the dress of 80 euros I bought just to wear to one wedding. See?
  6. Don’t think you can only buy sustainable clothing. I mean, who can do that? It’s not only about buying sustainable items, it’s more about not buying loads of stuff every time a new fashion season with a new collection arrives. It’s really not a shame to wear the same items of last year. I did it this the whole year, and I didn’t feel bad!

Hope you got inspired by my tips and if you have any question, let me know!

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