Magical Andalucia

I just have this thing with Spain. It keeps having this magical effect on me: I’m so in love with the beautiful cities, the good food and very friendly people. This year, I’ve already been to Barcelona and Ibiza but still I decided to go for a third time. Destination Andalucia! I’ve visited this region before and for me, this is the real Spain. The weather, the cities with the islamic influences, the sunny terraces, the tapas and the beautiful coast. Since we didn’t have loads of time, we went to see the ‘highlights’. First stop: Sevilla! For me, this is definitely the pretiest city of Andalucia. The monuments are breathtaking and I have this thing for beautiful cathedrals… I also noticed that the bars and restaurants are super nice here, as if the owners put extra effort to stand out for all the tourists 😉 The best thing about Sevilla? The Flamenco bars. I just love love love Flamenco, ofcourse because I am a guitar player myself. If you want to see good Flamenco in Sevilla, just ask a local and they will show you the local Flamenco bars.

After Sevilla, we headed more south with a short stop in Cadiz and then Tarifa. Tarifa is a picturesque beach town and is also the most southern part of Spain. Tarifa is a hidden treasure: not a lot of people know about it but there are two reasons why you have to go there: because it’s the most southern point of Spain, you can see Morocco on a clear day which is pretty magical. But the best part of Tarifa is that it’s located at the Strait of Gibralta, a very narrow piece of see that connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic See. The Strait of Gibraltar is filled with tuna and food and because of that it is filled with dolphins, whales and orcas. We took a boat to see them and man do I enjoy seeing those dolphins swimming and playing in the open sea 🙂

Our last stop was Granada, the city that hosts the most visited monument of Spain: the Alhambra. If you want to see a momument that makes your mouth fall open, go and see this palace. It is AMAZING. You could just walk there all day long. Granada is a typical student city, with lots of nice bars and cheap restaurants. We stayed at an Airb Bnb, a concept that I just love. If you want, you get to stay with locals and discover more about a country and culture. I tried Air Bnb in several cities but this time we had such a pretty house and such a nice host.

As you can imagine, it was pretty hard coming back to Belgium, where it was way colder. But hey, at least I got to go to Spain and I know that I’ll probably go back next year 😉

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