Lore Langendries

While browsing the internet, I discovered this amazing Belgian jewelry designer. Like almost every girl, I am obsessed with jewelry. I never go out without at least one piece on. But sometimes it’s hard to find a store or designer that sells unique and original stuff of good quality. Well luckily, I found the perfect designer: Lore Langendries. Her designs are very unique and not for everyone to wear, you immediately stand out when you wear one of her pieces. Since I decided to slow down on the shopping this summer, I didn’t buy a necklace of her collection (although I have put pretty much all her necklaces on my wishlist). I did buy one of her very original inventions: the button hug. This small piece of jewelry has two sides (the color you choose and a fury side) and you can put it around a button of your shirt. It’s very subtle but so cool! I’m so in love with mine.
Also, this woman is so friendly! I wanted a button hug really bad and emailed her and the next day she sent me one (even when she’s super busy writing her thesis!). This is one to follow:) What do you think of her designs?

Oh and before I forget, she told me she will have an exposition at the ModeMuseum in Hasselt (starting from 20th November 2015). But I’ll keep you posted!

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