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There isn’t a day that passes without me browsing on instagram. I just love love love to see all those pretty pictures about outfits, beauty products, parties and amazing travel destinations. The cool thing about instagram is that you can follow almost everyone you want. I follow all my favorite bloggers, shops and brands. The only thing I sometimes dislike about instagram, is that you can feel a bit sad about your own life. Even if you are perfectly happy with what you have and the things you do, it always looks like somebody else has cooler clothes, goes to better parties and travels way more than you. It’s all about how showing how cool your life is and sometimes I find that annoying. But that being said, I am still very addicted to instagram. I have my list of accounts I check very frequently, mainly fashion accounts. And because instagram is all about sharing, I will share my favorite accounts with you!

Amelie Derycke:  Amelie is one of my favorite Belgian blogster. She has an amazing taste and has an eye for good pictures. You definitely have to visit her blog.

Komono Raf This instagram account is truly gorgeous. Raf Maes is co-founder of Komono and moved to the USA to launch the brand there. He posts amazing pictures of his life in the States.

Ellemila I’m not thinking about kids yet but this account is just super cute. Supermom Sarah has two kids and she posts the cutest pics. But not only that, this mommy has an amazing taste too!

Elien Janssens Elien Jansen is a young photographer and boy do I like her pictures! Definitely worth checking out!

Billieroseblog Is recently discovered this account. Billieroseblog is a Dutch blog with the best styling tips. This girl also has an eye for photography because her instagram pics are super nice!

Michelle Beeckman This is a very special account. Michelle Beeckman is one of my best friends. A couple of years ago, she went to Australia and when she was there, she discovered a makeup school. She decided to go and check it out and I’m very happy she did because my god, this girl has talent. She keeps amazing me with her original makeup art. This girl is one to follow!


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