How to make a kokedama

Since I moved into my appartment, plants have become quite an obsession for me. When I bring home a new plant, my boyfriend immediately shouts “again a new plant??”. I just can’t help it: plants are the perfect accessory for my appartment and are super healthy to have too.

There are loads of DIY-tutorials online that show you cool things you can do with plants. I love pinning all those things but I never seem to have the time to actually make them. But a couple of weeks ago, Floor (the best plant blog of Belgium 😉 ) organized a DIY-kokedama course in Cafe Frascati, the go-to place at Floraliën Gent. A kokedama is the Japanese word for ‘moss ball’. The idea is simple: you just make a moss ball with you favorite plant and hang it somewhere in your house! These are the steps (in a nutshell) for making a kokedama:

  1. Remove all the soil
  2. Make a ball with a mixture of soil, clay and water
  3. Break the ball in two and put it around your plant
  4. Use moss to cover the ball
  5. Wrap a string string around the ball
  6. Finished!

What do you think about my moss ball? 🙂

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