How to make the prettiest bouquet

IMG_5656I think everybody knows that I’m slightly obsessed with flowers and plants. So you can image my reaction when I saw an email coming in about a flower workshop I won from Bloomon! I invited a friend to come with me to Felix Pakhuis in Antwerp and man, did we make two pretty bouquets 🙂

How to make your own bouquet? It’s very easy once you know how to 😉

1 Choose your flowers in a local flower store (make sure you pick seasonal flowers!)
2 Remove all the leaves from the flower stalk to make sure you won’t get mold in your vase
3 Remove the bottom of the stalk with a sharp knife
4 Put the flower in the vase and make sure you put the flowers over each other, making a cross inside the vase
5 Yay, you’re done!

Not sure if making your own bouquet is something for you? Head over to Bloomon and get your flowers delivered!

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