Fair Fashion Fest 2016

Only one week left and the Fair Fashion Fest will take place in Gent again. I was there two years ago and I’m definitely going again! It’s very enriching to see all the projects that people start to give fair fashion a strong meaning.

This year I am extra excited to go, because there are a lot of people coming who I’m dying to see:

Marieke Eyskoot

Marieke Eyskoot is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle expert who wrote her own book about sustainable fashion. She will be doing ‘fashion talks’ during the festival:

-with Luc de Maeght and Martin Besieux. They will talk about the efforts Greenpeace is making for ‘cleaner clothes’ and they will talk about ‘detox jeans’.

-with Lyn Verelst and Marion en Hendrikje Meyvis. They will talk about fairtrade textile.

-with Saartje Boutsen (CSR manager JBC) and Tine Buysens (CSR manager Bel&Bo). They will talk about fair fashion in big fashion companies (very excited for this one!)behind-the-scenes-352x469

Yana Gaevskaya

I didn’t know this girl before but she is giving a lecture about how you can maken your closet more sustainable. Ofcourse I am very interested in that topic! Read the Knack Weekend article about her here.


The Fair Fashion Festival will take place at MIAT Gent Ocotber 9 from 12 till 18h and is completely for free! So make sure you put yourself ‘attending’ on facebook!


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