Anti-shop tips

A month has passed already (how time flies!) and I always thought January was going to be the hardest month. Well, I was right. Although it’s only been the first month, I have had some hard moments. Especially when the temperature started to go beneath/around zero. Last winter, I almost didn’t buy any clothes because it wasn’t so cold. That means that I don’t have a lot of warm clothes. So I have to be very inventive to find solutions! Thank god temperatures are going up again 🙂

But that being said, I did come up with some little things to help me make this project easier. And it might help you too 😉

        1. Delete the shop-apps! It makes you want to shop almost everytime you check your phone when you’re bored. It was something I did very often while waiting, sitting in the couch… It’s so easy and so close to you so you buy things almost without realising it.
        2. Unsubscribe yourself from all newsletters. Oh yes, very important. 50% discount with this special code, 30% discount just because it’s friday and so on and so on… These emails are so tempting and the online shop is just a click away. You know what to do 🙂
        3. Avoid the shopping areas. The shop windows can look very tempting, the sale displays too. But if you don’t see them, the chance of temptation reduces.
        4. Don’t buy all those fashion magazines. I love love love fashion magazines. But it always shows you the coolest clothing and the nicest shops. Good to know, but not if you’re on a shopping break!
        5. Make a budget and a plan! This looks a bit freaky but it can actually help. Don’t allow yourself to buw something every other week but plan when you will shop. For example say “I will noy buy things this month, next month I can buy two things”. You can do the same thing by setting yourself a shop-budget.
        6. Rediscover your closet. You do have more things than you realize. And rediscover your accessories, they can make your outfit look way cooler. For example my hat and bag, I love how they make this outfit look way more interesting 🙂

These are some little things I’ve realised this months, things that I believe will help me. Hopefully I will come up with tons of tips for myself and you!

Boots: Sacha

Bag: Steve Madden

Sweater: Asos

Hat: Clouds of Fashion

Coat: a shop somewhere in Spain

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