Eight days

It’s not even 2016 yet and I’m already starting to panic. Sometimes I just look at my closet thinking: I will never be able to do this. And now, there are only eight days left until 2016! A lot of my friends reacted very sceptical when I told them my plan: “you will never pull this off” was a frequently heard comment. It only made me more motivated to actually do it, until December arrived. Ofcourse, this is not a month to buy loads of clothes: you already have to buy Christmas gifts and not to forget Christmas decorations 😉

It wouldn’t feel right if I would buy everything I need now. But still: buying Christmas presents is tempting. You walk in the shopping streets and you’re attracted by all the sparkly clothes in the shopping windows. So, I have to admit, I did buy some clothes. And it immediately made me feel bad, as if I was doing someting I wasn’t allowed to do. My family and boyfriend are also very strict: they want me to do this properly. So, I will. But It’s not going to be easy, that I know for sure. As a true lover of fashion, I have to do this to prove to myself I am able to shop less.

Also, this weekend I realized that you don’t also need new clothes to feel good. For example this outfit. My sister gave me the coat and even if my outfit is basic, it makes me feel super glamorous 🙂 If you just combine things a different way, it can make you feel like you have a new outfit. Fingers crossed!

Coat: Mango

Bag: Essentiel

Necklace: H&M

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Topshop

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